Ride With Your Mind

Ride With Your Mind coaching is a revolutionary way of giving the rider the tools they need to reach their goals. The aims are the same as in any other type of coaching but the way of getting there is different and tailored to the individual horse and rider.

My aim as a Ride With Your Mind Coach is to find the way that works for each individual. This could be through visual demonstration, hands on work or theoretical explanation. This enables change to happen faster and goals to be reached quicker. I use ethical horse friendly training techniques and do not use gadgets.

Working in harmony with horses and riders, both are able to work at the level most appropriate for them, building on the previous session where new learning can occur. Each lesson will build on the previous session and / or give the rider the next set of tools to work on.

This works best if time is left between each session for the rider to work on and consolidate new feelings in between lessons. This means that weekly lessons are not necessary, although if you feel you need extra support, are available. 2 - 4 weeks between lessons is recommended.