Recent Training Courses

Training at Mary Wanless's

Traning at Mary Wanless's

I usually attend several training courses a year to keep my self up to date and continue learning new skills. In addition to those listed below I also have regular lessons with Denise O'Reilly and often other more local coaches.

September:RWYM Teacher Training
September:RWYM Weekend ridden course
August:Co-teaching with Mary Wanless
June:RWYM Weekend ridden course
June:BHS Safegarding and protecting children
May:Tailormade course with Denise O'Reilly
April:BHS Sitting for Success training day
April:Co-teaching with Mary Wanless
February:BHS Equine specific first aid
January:RWYM Psychology and off horse exercise weekend
September:Co-teaching with Mary Wanless
August:RWYM Weekend ridden course
April:RWYM Teacher Training
April:RWYM Lateral Work Teacher Training
September:RWYM Teacher Training
May:Lateral Work weekend with Denise O'Reilly
May:2 weeks working pupil at Denise O'Reilly's yard
April:BHS Spring Convention with Stephen Clark