Client Comments

Your lessons completely revolutionised how I rode. It felt like I suddenly 'got it' in my lessons with you.


I feel so much more confident after my lessons with you


Thanks so much for such a good lesson yesterday - I really enjoyed it. Annie was brilliant today - we had the most amazing trotting session with her really streatching down and legs swinging!


Java spooked today and I stayed in place with new position and thighs on!


Thanks for my lesson yesterday, I really enjoyed it.


I coach mainly in the York, Harrogate, Selby and Pocklington area but also travel to the Bingley, Malton and Market Weighton areas. I can also travel futher afield for 3 or more lessons.


Local Further afield
1 hr private £20 £25
45 min private £15 £20
1 hr semi-private £12 £15 each
1 hr group £10 £12 each

Video feedback of your lesson is available at an additional £5

Local charges within 15 miles of YO26 otherwise the ‘further afield’ prices apply unless there are 3 lessons or more.

Photo's Louise and Blue: showing change from the start to the end of one lesson.

Left: Start in walk, Louise is leaning back and Blue is hollow. Right: By the end of the lesson Louise is pretty much on vertical and Blue is to reaching into the rein

Left: Start in trot, Louise has lost balance landing heavily with her lower leg forward. Right: By the end of the lesson she is keeping a much better line up in trot and Blue is less hollow, but not quite reaching into the rein

Paula and Brego

In this photo Paula is showing a good 'ear, shoulder, hip, heal alignment. She actually feels 'hunched over' as she previously had her shoulders behind her hips. I took this photo during the lesson to show her that she is not hunched over. She is actually still very slightly shoulders behind her hips.