Introduction to RWYM Course

This is a really good way to get started or find out a bit more about Ride With Your Mind. The course is for 2 to 6 people and will last from ½ a day to a full day depending on numbers. I can travel up to 80 miles for a full course of 6 people (please contact me for full details).

Course Format:


Over 15 miles from YO26 petrol will be charged at 40p per mile and the cost split between all the participants.

2 people £35 each
3 – 4 people £30 each
5 – 6 people £25 each

The idea behind this course is that a lot of time that would be taken up explaining principles during a first lesson can be done in the class room leaving more time in the lesson for ‘doing’. Therefore you can get a lot more out of this process and will be a lot more knowledgeable that after a usual first lesson.